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Class Canceled Today

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About Tykes to Titans Tennis Program


Most of you know that my house, with Tennis Court, has been for sale.  It is under Contract with a projected Close of Sale

Date of October 17, 2019.  I am able to move the program to PGA Tour at Preston Road and McDermott near Hwy 121.  I am still working out the details and will get back to you with those as soon as possible.  


This is an INDOOR, Air Conditioned Facility


The Last Day of Classes at the current Sebring location will October 15, 2019.  I am sending out Final Billing for this Location.  We will start new billing from the time we begin at the new location.  There may be a short lag time before classes begin at the new location.


Please Reply to this Message if You Wish to Continue (or not) at the new location.


I greatly appreciate the opportunity to teach your children the game, the love of the game, and when possible how that applies to their lives.


Kindest Regards,

Tennis-Coach Pat